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DWI: Injury

The experience of the attorney(s) representing you on your DWI-Injury/Assault case directly correlates to the outcome from judge/jury at trial. There are numerous intangibles that come into play when your case is being heard in court and your lawyer is at the helm taking the actions that need to be taken to secure your freedom, future, and good name.

Certain intangibles that come into play are how people receive your lawyer, how your lawyer orates his/her arguments, how words and phrases are structured by your legal team to prompt favor from judge and jury, all in addition to witty timing, among others.

When you’re represented by the Law Offices of Tad Nelson and Associates in the Brazoria County Criminal Court, you can rest assured that your DWI lawyer is not only well versed in the technical (legal) components of your case, but is also well-polished in dealings with other personalities – some of which may be judge and jury.

Being an ACS/CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist is not always enough or necessary, sometimes a friendly smile & tone can go a long way when deployed with timing in mind.

Weathering the Climate of DWI Injury Litigation

When defending a person accused of, not only drunk driving, but also of causing an injury or auto accident as a result of driving while intoxicated, the backs of jurors could be pinned to their chairs in wait for the opportunity to finalize a hasty deliberation that will likely serve to your detriment.

DWI/Injury-Assaults are felony cases brought on by what is perceived as a gross lack of moral judgement in which public safety was put at risk due to the irresponsible act of the defendant, as prosecutors commonly boast.

However, we’ve represented hundreds of DWI defendants that were guilty of nothing more than having medical dysfunction, a technologically unsound breathalyzer test, poorly trained officers, and the aggression of the Texas legal system pursuing them.

If you’re innocent, you’re innocent.

There’s nothing that can change that.

Potential Criminal Penalties: DWI/Assault

If you were arrested for DWI with an enhancement based on an injury being caused as a result of intoxicated driving, and found guilty in the Brazoria County Criminal Court, the penalties are harsh.

DWI: Injury/Assault

Jail Time: 2 – 10 Years TDCJ (Texas Department of Corrections)

Potential Fine: Up to 10,000.00

Other Penalties: Loss of Texas Drivers License for up to 2 years. Felony Criminal Record.

Seek a Qualified DWI Defense Lawyer

Brazoria County DWI Attorney Tad Nelson
Attorney Tad Nelson

Prosecutors will stage a relentless legal assault against you if you’re on trial for Driving While Intoxicated with the added component of an assault/injury.

Board Certified® DWI defense attorney Tad Nelson & Super Lawyer® Amber Spurlock are here to help, explain your options, explain Texas criminal law as it relates to your Brazoria County charges, and will leave no resource free from exhaustion in our efforts to successfully defend you in the court of law.

If you need help, and if you’ve been charged with the crime of DWI/Assault in Texas you will, reach out to Tad or Amber immediately.

Contact Attorney Tad Nelson About Your Brazoria County DWI Case

DWI: Injury/Assault