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Police Strategies for Catching DWI Offenders

Updated: Feb 19, 2023 @ 2:41 am

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In the state of Texas, and especially in Brazoria County, DWI prevention & law enforcement are top priorities requiring a number of strategies to aid officers in their efforts. Police in Brazoria County are trained in a number of different manners of DWI detection methodology for the purpose of helping officers and Sheriff’s deputies identify drivers that may be operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Brazoria DWI defense lawyer Tad A. Nelson is well aware of the indicators that police look for when determining if a person may be driving while intoxicated and we make sure to educate our clients in this area as well, for the sake of avoiding suspicion of DWI by police in the future.

How Drivers Become Suspected of DWI by Police

  • Wide Turns – there is a general assumption by police that when a driver is making a wide turn around a corner that it’s because of a lack of coordination brought on by alcoholic or drug induced intoxication. If law enforcement officers in Brazoria County, Texas witness a driver making an erratic turn, a routine traffic stop based on suspicion of DWI may result.Brazoria County Sheriff Cruiser
  • Sharp Turns – although not illegal, making sharp turns may also draw suspicion of DWI from on-looking officers that may be on patrol.
  • Speeding – if a motorist is speeding through Brazoria County they will be stopped for a routine traffic citation at which point the officer may look for signs of intoxication as a matter of routine.
  • Slow Driving – if you are operating your vehicle at unusually slow speeds, officers are trained to take this information as an indication of intoxication.
  • Lane Deviation – if police witness a motorist making multiple lane changes, failing to remain in their lane of traffic, or slowly drifting from left to right, the officer will more than likely suspect you of driving while intoxicated. You will be pulled over, subject to field sobriety testing, and arrested if the officer “feels” that you are intoxicated. Also, you may be asked to blow in a breathalyzer. Don’t do it.

As you can see, depending on the perspective and the opinions of any given officer, almost everyone on the road can be suspected of drunk driving at any time as a result of any driving imperfection. Just because a person is arrested for drunk driving doesn’t necessarily mean that they are guilty of the crime.

Trial Lawyers For Brazoria DWI Charges

Having the right Brazoria County DWI defense attorney on your side can make the difference between beating the charge, case dismissal, and jail.

Attorney Tad A. Nelson is a former prosecutor.

Attorney Amber Spurlock is a former federal prosecutor.

Our team of Brazoria DWI lawyers know all the tricks prosecutors use when attempting to make criminal charges stick, and we also know the best strategies to get cases dismissed when possible.

Although not every case is winnable, most of them are. Contact the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates by phone at 979-267-6081 if you need to talk with an experienced DWI defense attorney about your case.

Police Strategies for Catching DWI Offenders

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